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Plastic in Paradise: A Maldives Field Report

The Maldives is an archipelago with a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde image: on the one side clear turquoise lagoons and idyllic atolls, on the other a nation at serious threat from rising sea levels and high-tide lines littered with plastic waste.

All that Glitters: The Photography of Andrew Gold

We love this time of year, when the “golden hour” becomes the “golden hours”. Few things illustrate these beautiful bookends to the days better than Andrew Gold’s photographs of low sunlight dancing off breaking waves.

The Microfibre Pollution Issue

Because our shorts are made from polyester, albeit 100% recycled and recyclable, we are very aware that our products contribute to the problem of plastic microfibre pollution. We therefore owe it to you to present the facts about it , the reasons behind out material choices, what we’re doing about the issue, what you could do, and help you to make informed purchases.

Escape - The Mergui Archipelago with Johnny Rayner

Riz customer and friend Johnny Rayner recently sent us some photos from a trip to the virtually untouched Andaman Sea’s Mergui islands. We were keen to find out more about the area, so caught up with him on his return.

Introducing The Buckler

Brand new for summer 2017, Riz's new Buckler short is a classic tailored "short" swim short, inspired by vintage swim shorts and perfect for lazy days lounging in the sun and swimming in the sea. Learn more about the design and the inspiration behind it.

Behind the Print: Endangered Bee

The plight of the bees, those most prolific of pollinators, is well known. Our Endangered Bee print is making a welcome return in our 2017 range with the aim of reminding people of the importance of bees.

Beauty from the Beast: Jason deCaires Taylor’s Microplastic Sculptures

The renowned underwater sculptor's latest work, titled Plasticide, removes from the oceans a source of physical pollution by creating artwork from microplastics to display on terra firma.

So in Blue with You

The colour blue is as old as the sea and the sky itself, and yet also relatively young. Find out more about our favourite colour - it's rarity, royal links and role in classic prints.

The Process: Digital Printing - British, and the Best

Print is paramount here at Riz and so in this, the second in our series of articles that looks at the process behind making your swim shorts, we will be sharing the details of how our designs are printed onto recycled polyester right here in the UK.

Plastic Bag Landscapes

At first glance, Vilde Rolfsen’s series could be mistaken for photographs of beautifully lit ice caves or aerial shots of frozen landscapes. They are not photographs of the natural world however, but images of a scourge of our environment: the once ubiquitous plastic bag.

The Sun and Your Skin

We love to feel the sun’s warming rays on our skin, but despite the many benefits of sunshine there is also a delicate balance that needs to be struck. Find out how to keep your skin healthy in the sun, whatever the season, with these skincare tips for men from expert Sarah Carr.

My Environment: Jason Bergin, Urban Recovery

Living in a major city needn’t mean that there is a disconnection between a person and the natural world. Jason Bergin promotes physical and mental wellness through watersports, both at home and away and in both urban and natural environments. Here's his story:

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