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Ali Murrell: The Man Behind #bottlestoboardshorts

Recycling the waste plastic bottles that litter our beaches and oceans into material to turn into our swim shorts is an incredibly rewarding mission that nonetheless presents us with some very specific challenges. The man who meets these challenges head on in his role heading up our #bottlestoboardshorts project is Ali Murrell, one of the founding partners behind Riz Boardshorts.

Behind the Scenes of Bottles to Boardshorts

At the core of everything we do here at Riz is a desire to fight the scourge of plastic pollution that blights our oceans. Last year we successfully reached our crowdfunding target for our #bottlestoboardshorts campaign, part of our mission to make beautiful shorts for a beautiful, plastic free, ocean. Here’s how we’ve been getting on to date.

Message in a bottle... Our ocean plastic journey

'We launched our #bottlestoboardshorts campaign because we want to encourage customers to recycle but also to show that plastic bottles littering our beaches and oceans can be put to good use.' Here's an update on our journey..


Once again, we would like to thank all those who funded our dream, to help us to become the world's first 100% recycled and recyclable boardshort brand. We'll be keeping you posted over the coming months on our #bottletoboardshorts journey so stay tuned! Here is some info about the project so far..