No More Plastic: Our Recycled Paper Packaging


They are one of those things that go unnoticed, unmentioned and are generally accepted. Many people don’t even know they exist, but we’d guess that 99% of clothes globally are sent out from factories in clear plastic poly bags! And until recently we were no exception.

Poly bags are fantastically practical which has lead to their universal use. The simple fact that they are plastic however has lead us to finally change and come up with a better solution. This has been on our minds for a while - 'How do you package and preserve clothing in transit and in storage more sustainably?'

We’d therefore like to introduce you to our new brown paper envelopes that every short is now dispatched from our factory in and sent out to stockists in.

Brown envelopes with an information sticker are all very well but we need to know which shorts are inside. First we started with a small cut-out rectangle at the top, but then symmetry and harmony took over, and so changed this to a circle in the centre. It was only then that the record sleeve inspiration struck. The idea that in store you can flick through a set of shorts, like selecting your favourite sunshine tunes, and all with a bit more soul now.

One our design phrases is ‘constantly refining’, and as we continue to question what’s right amongst the norm, we look to forward to seeing how these brown paper squares unlock a future of new ideas.

It’s fairly simple. No more plastic. Pass it on.

The back view of our new paper envelope packaging
Close up view of the new paper envelope packaging
Frontal view of new paper packaging

We're currently working on further packaging and point of sale ideas. If you have any thoughts on how you would like to see your 'Sunshine Styles' displayed or sent out in a more sustainable and engaging way, why not get in touch with us at