Braunton Tailored All Day Shorts

Made from recycled materials.

Smart enough for dinner, yet as happy in the sea. Our longer tailored short is the ultimate in versatile style. Slim fit. 17.5" Outseam.

Made from<br>Recycled Materials

Made from
Recycled Materials

To help have a lower imact on the planet, our shorts are made entirely from recycled materials; all but the metal and nut trims.

Free Repairs.<br>For Life

Free Repairs.
For Life

Our shorts are guaranteed for life. As long as you’re wearing them, we’ll mend them. For Free.



If your journey with our shorts comes to an end, you can return them to be resold or recycled for 25% off your next pair.


What are hybrid shorts?

Hybrid is such a cool word. It means dual purpose. Braunton is a great example of a hybrid short - it works just as well as beach and street short as it does a swimming and beach one - the hardest choice is which pattern to go for.

What to wear with beach shorts?

Depending on your style of course, we think Braunton looks great worn with a simple organic tee, or for the smarter look, works nicely with a linen shirt. Our prints are unique and bold, so going for a solid colour completes the look well.

What does 100% recycled polyester mean?

It means 'less waste'. We make all our shorts from recycled polyester, which is derived from post consumer plastic bottles and respun into a fibre that can be used to make strong, quick drying fabric. This diverts plastic waste from going into landfill and the ocean too.