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Collection: Polka Urchin

Polka Urchin
The idea for this print originally was to do a ‘sunshine’ pattern, with bursts of solar florals. But this didn’t quite work out. Luckily, circles can be found throughout nature, sunshine radiating to those who look. Thanks to the humble sea urchin for its beams and inspiration for our latest ‘Polka Urchin’ print, available in both black and indigo monochromes
Made from<br>Recycled Materials

Made from
Recycled Materials

To help have a lower imact on the planet, our shorts are made entirely from recycled materials; all but the metal and nut trims.

Free Repairs.<br>For Life

Free Repairs.
For Life

Our shorts are guaranteed for life. As long as you’re wearing them, we’ll mend them. For Free.



If your journey with our shorts comes to an end, you can return them to be resold or recycled for 25% off your next pair.