Pre-owned Shorts

Shop worn and loved Riz shorts, still with many stories and adventures to come.

 GRADE 1: Excellent  |  GRADE 2: Good & Soft  |  GRADE 3: Well worn 

Made From<br>Recycled Materials

Made From
Recycled Materials

Free Repairs<br>For Life

Free Repairs
For Life

Rizcycle <br>Programme



What does pre-owned mean?

Put simply, pre-owned is another way of saying second hand or used shorts. But we way prefer the word pre-owned as it represents our offering to a tee. Pre-owned to us is worn shorts, still with many stories and adventures to come.

Are pre-owned shorts good for the environment?

The positive benefits to the planet and environment are extensive. Buying pre-owned clothing reduces carbon emissions, saves precious natural resources and prevents shorts that still have life in them ending up in landfill or being burnt in incinerators. Plus they are better on your wallet too!

Are your pre-owned shorts out of fashion?

Here at Riz, we're just not interested in fast fashion and crazy trends. We believe in making less but better. With less consumption and more consideration, we can change our approach to clothing. Every one of our short styles and prints transcend the seasons and have been made to last.