Tailored Beach & Swim Shorts

Made from Recycled Materials

Designed as a bridge between the beach and the bar, the sea and the street. Brushed, quick-drying twill provides softness and comfort. Smart detailing. Slim fit.
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Made From<br>Recycled Materials

Made From
Recycled Materials

Free Repairs<br>For Life

Free Repairs
For Life

Rizcycle <br>Programme



Can you swim in tailored shorts?

You sure can! Our tailored shorts are designed as much to be worn all day as they are for swimming. Choose Bay or Buckler if you like a mesh liner and Braunton if you don't. All three styles are quick drying and bridge seamlessly between the beach, sea and bar.

What are the best beach shorts for men?

So the word "best" is fairly subjective. In our opinion, Braunton hits the mark if your after a smart and fitted look. With the design based on a pair of tailored trousers, these shorts are versatile, swim-ready, quick-drying, street-cool and beach-ready all in one.

Can you make shorts from recycled plastic?

Totally. Why use virgin materials when you can make shorts from recycled plastic fibres. This is what we do! Plus we don't stop there - our Rizcycling programme offers free repairs and end of life returns so we can use the materials again and again.