The Riz Journal - sustainable design process, style inspiration, surf life, and our mission: to turn ocean plastics into board shorts #bottlestoboardshorts.

Wake-up Wanderlust

A lookbook story of some of the latest collection shot on Mr Felippe Dal Piero in Costa Rica recently

London Beach Clean Series

With the weather improving our Thames foreshore cleans are starting. Join the movement.

No More Plastic - Our New Recycled Paper Envelopes

It's been on our minds for a long while - how to package and preserve our shorts in transit or in storage more sustainably. The answer? It's fairly simple.

You the Ocean and Me

Inspired by a piece of graffiti we once saw on a wall, ‘You, the Ocean and me’ has since become a charming phrase we often use. It is now embroidered into the fabric of every pair of Blue Capsule shorts. Click through to see how a few words have helped define a range

An interview with Lee Hankinson

As a marine ecologist, conservationist and gentleman of the sea, we can't think of anyone more suitable to wear our shorts daily. We're proud to introduce you to Mr. Lee Hankinson >

Fully Recycled and Recyclable Shorts: the Blue Capsule

In our quest to make the most beautiful and ocean friendly shorts in the world, we have created the 'Blue Capsule'. Read about how and why our love for Blue is refining the way we design.

Exploring Naoshima, Japan's Art Island

During my recent travels to Japan, it quickly became apparent that the biggest inspiration was how the architecture and use of space connected them to nature.

Soulful Reads for Summer Escapes

For late summer we've put together a list of books recommended to us by some of our friends; a mix of future classics, inspiration and notes on nature and the future. Whether you're home or away we hope you enjoy.

The Shape of Things to Come

Combining organic shapes, with modern engineering and traditional craft, magical things can happen with bamboo. With simplicity and sustainability at it's design core, welcome to the architecture of Ibuku.

Stopping Micro Waste

As we continue working towards a plastic free nature, we will soon be stocking Guppyfriend washing bags that prevent microfibres entering our oceans. Read about this along with a Washing Guide to help you change your washing habits.

Be the Change You Wish to See

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have become both a certified B Corporation AND a member of 1% For the Planet! Together they show our commitment to positive change. Read about why this is important.

It's Time for a Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week is upon us, April 23-29 2018; and we're truly excited to see how this movent is growing. Read about why it is so important and how you can help create change by asking #whomademyclothes.

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