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Small gifts that give back

Giving a gift at Christmas is a great opportunity to both do some good, and spread some good. With that in mind we’ve selected a few simple products (that aren’t our own shorts) that we think make great ocean-friendly Christmas gifts.

Walking the Walk: Plastic Progress

The issue of ocean plastics is getting a lot of airtime at present, which is fantastic. Whilst a lot of people talk about the problem, we want to be positive and talk about solutions.

The Process: Produced in Portugal

Having covered the processes behind how we design our shorts and illustrations, and how the fabric is printed, we now celebrate the small factory in Portugal where for the last seven years our shorts have been cut, sewn, and brought to life.

NO HAY FALLA - Revisited but not Rizcycled

In late 2014 Grant returned from a two-month trip to Nicaragua and shared his short story No Hay Falla with us. Nearly three years later, his shorts have found their way back to Sunny Cove Studios.

You Are The Sea: An Interview with Franco

Franco lives a sun-soaked life, and through his work he helps people to connect with both their own bodies and the ocean. His story is both fascinating and inspiring, and his message well worth sharing.

Conscious Chatter Podcast

Riz was recently a guest on the Conscious Chatter podcast, discussing Project Just's Seal of Approval with two judges from the swimwear panel, "British aloha" and the concept of refined flamboyancy. Listen here!

Behind the Print: Endangered Fish

To find out about the environmental facts and inspiration behind our popular 'Endangered Fish' print (which we re-released this year), we recently caught up with illustrator Kristine Khan.

Taking the Plastic out of the Thames

Totally Thames is London’s annual celebration of its river, and this year’s festivities from September 1st – 30th include several that highlight and address the plastic pollution problem in our city’s artery.

Sea Trials in Sardinia

Sardinia is an island of white sand beaches and beautiful seas that span the full spectrum of blues: it’s the perfect place to spend each and every day and night in swim shorts and put our product through its paces.

Diving with Sharks: An Artistic Observation

Sharks are vital to the health of our oceans. Recently, Californian artist John Baran went diving with sharks off the coast of Hawaii as inspiration for his paintings and to learn more about shark conservation efforts there.

Reading List: Summer Classics for a Classic Summer

If going on holiday means a rare chance to make some headway into a good book but you don't want to get stuck with an airport novel, then may we suggest these classic and refined summer reads?

Escape - Diving with Expired Film

Shot in the Philippines on some old black and white film and an old underwater camera, we invite you behind the lense of Jerome James King.

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