The Riz Journal - sustainable design process, style inspiration, surf life, and our mission: to turn ocean plastics into board shorts #bottlestoboardshorts.

Film: You, the Ocean and ME

Together with the Marine Conservation Society we have created a short film pondering our love for the 'Blue' and our journey through design to help protect this space we call home.

London Beach Clean Series

With the weather improving our Thames foreshore cleans are starting. Join the movement.

An interview with Lee Hankinson

As a marine ecologist, conservationist and gentleman of the sea, we can't think of anyone more suitable to wear our shorts daily. We're proud to introduce you to Mr. Lee Hankinson >

Stopping Micro Waste

As we continue working towards a plastic free nature, we will soon be stocking Guppyfriend washing bags that prevent microfibres entering our oceans. Read about this along with a Washing Guide to help you change your washing habits.

Be the Change You Wish to See

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have become both a certified B Corporation AND a member of 1% For the Planet! Together they show our commitment to positive change. Read about why this is important.

Walking the Walk: Plastic Progress

The issue of ocean plastics is getting a lot of airtime at present, which is fantastic. Whilst a lot of people talk about the problem, we want to be positive and talk about solutions.

Conscious Chatter Podcast

Riz was recently a guest on the Conscious Chatter podcast, discussing Project Just's Seal of Approval with two judges from the swimwear panel, "British aloha" and the concept of refined flamboyancy. Listen here!

Diving with Sharks: An Artistic Observation

Sharks are vital to the health of our oceans. Recently, Californian artist John Baran went diving with sharks off the coast of Hawaii as inspiration for his paintings and to learn more about shark conservation efforts there.

The Microfibre Pollution Issue

Because our shorts are made from polyester, albeit 100% recycled and recyclable, we are very aware that our products contribute to the problem of plastic microfibre pollution. We therefore owe it to you to present the facts about it , the reasons behind out material choices, what we’re doing about the issue, what you could do, and help you to make informed purchases.

Beauty from the Beast: Jason deCaires Taylor’s Microplastic Sculptures

The renowned underwater sculptor's latest work, titled Plasticide, removes from the oceans a source of physical pollution by creating artwork from microplastics to display on terra firma.

Plastic Bag Landscapes

At first glance, Vilde Rolfsen’s series could be mistaken for photographs of beautifully lit ice caves or aerial shots of frozen landscapes. They are not photographs of the natural world however, but images of a scourge of our environment: the once ubiquitous plastic bag.

My Environment: Jason Bergin, Urban Recovery

Living in a major city needn’t mean that there is a disconnection between a person and the natural world. Jason Bergin promotes physical and mental wellness through watersports, both at home and away and in both urban and natural environments. Here's his story:

Tales of Sustainable Swimwear

Thanks to the lovely guys at Pebble Magazine for the interview feature about the highs and lows of our sustainable swimwear brand.

You, the Ocean and Me: Doodles in a Designer's Diary

When I close my eyes, this is what I see: a calm blue sea. But maybe that’s just me. I know that the reality is very different, I know that our oceans are increasingly awash with plastics, and it breaks my heart.

HELP, The Age of Plastic

Five million brightly coloured plastic bottle tops have been laid out on the island of Mozia, Sicily, spelling the word “HELP” in an art installation that aims to draw attention to marine pollution. The work, symbolising the 'Age of Plastic', has been created by Italian artist Maria Cristina Finucci and its part of her broader initative titled 'Garbage Patch State'.

£1 Per Pair: Supporting the Marine Conservation Society

The ocean is a place of beauty, and a place that needs protecting. To help give back to that which has given us so much, £3 from the sale of every pair of Riz Boardshorts is donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Sand Dune Daydreams

A romantic and dynamic environment, sand dunes are not only an important part of our coastal daydreams but also incredibly important for the health of the coastline itself. Nothing more than piles of windblown sand which have been stabilised by salt-resistant grasses such as marram and sand couch, what initially appears to be an inhospitable environment for plants and animals is actually an important but fragile ecosystem.

The Spirula Shell

Nature produces the most beautiful forms and patterns. The shell of Spirula spirula, or the Ram's Horn Squid, is one such example.


Over the last few months we've seen a lot of pictures of ocean plastics. The images of carbage strewn beaches and rubbish filled seas have themselves become junk and blurred in our visual libaries and busy minds. However this beautiful yet haunting photo taken by Nick Pumphrey still stands out. View more from the series here.

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