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Summer & the Sea: an interview with photographer Katie Rae

It's not often that we have women wear our swim shorts, let alone talented ocean photograhers we admire. Katie Rae is one such muse, with a minimalist eye and and sunshine soul

Wake-up Wanderlust

A lookbook story of some of the latest collection shot on Mr Felippe Dal Piero in Costa Rica recently

Exploring Naoshima, Japan's Art Island

During my recent travels to Japan, it quickly became apparent that the biggest inspiration was how the architecture and use of space connected them to nature.

Soulful Reads for Summer Escapes

For late summer we've put together a list of books recommended to us by some of our friends; a mix of future classics, inspiration and notes on nature and the future. Whether you're home or away we hope you enjoy.

Amazing Places

'Let's find some beautiful place and get lost together. Just you, me and the fish in the sea. Let's count the blue and forget the rest.' Enjoy a set of images captured by the very cool Felix Ijeh in the Philippines.

Raffael Kably: Soul Man

Raff is a fascinating character who spends his days in boardshorts on the sand and streets of Kerala, on India’s golden west coast. We caught up with him to find out more about the sun-drenched and soulful scene that he’s a part of.

A Surfer’s Pilgrimage

Hawaii is a place synonymous with surfing, and is the source of and inspiration for the waterman lifestyle. The best season for surf is during the winter months, which is just when our good friend Mr. George Stoy has made his annual pilgrimage in recent years.

NO HAY FALLA - Revisited but not Rizcycled

In late 2014 Grant returned from a two-month trip to Nicaragua and shared his short story No Hay Falla with us. Nearly three years later, his shorts have found their way back to Sunny Cove Studios.

You Are The Sea: An Interview with Franco

Franco lives a sun-soaked life, and through his work he helps people to connect with both their own bodies and the ocean. His story is both fascinating and inspiring, and his message well worth sharing.

Sea Trials in Sardinia

Sardinia is an island of white sand beaches and beautiful seas that span the full spectrum of blues: it’s the perfect place to spend each and every day and night in swim shorts and put our product through its paces.

Reading List: Summer Classics for a Classic Summer

If going on holiday means a rare chance to make some headway into a good book but you don't want to get stuck with an airport novel, then may we suggest these classic and refined summer reads?

Escape - Diving with Expired Film

Shot in the Philippines on some old black and white film and an old underwater camera, we invite you behind the lense of Jerome James King.

Plastic in Paradise: A Maldives Field Report

The Maldives is an archipelago with a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde image: on the one side clear turquoise lagoons and idyllic atolls, on the other a nation at serious threat from rising sea levels and high-tide lines littered with plastic waste.

All that Glitters: The Photography of Andrew Gold

We love this time of year, when the “golden hour” becomes the “golden hours”. Few things illustrate these beautiful bookends to the days better than Andrew Gold’s photographs of low sunlight dancing off breaking waves.

Escape - The Mergui Archipelago with Johnny Rayner

Riz customer and friend Johnny Rayner recently sent us some photos from a trip to the virtually untouched Andaman Sea’s Mergui islands. We were keen to find out more about the area, so caught up with him on his return.

Forever Summer: The Soul & Surf Story

The story of Soul & Surf is the sort of tale that many people daydream about calling their own. In 2009 Ed and Sofie Templeton left their lives in Brighton behind and set up a unique surf and yoga destination in India.

Its Always Summer Somewhere Giveaway

It's always great to see where you take your Riz's. So for a chance to win a pair another pair of shorts, share the summer love and share your best inspirational photo's on Instagram

Escape: A Stretch of Sand to Call Your Own

The beach: that thin slither of sand between civilisation and the sea, where so many of us go to get away from it all. It’s a popular destination and not without good reason, but that doesn't mean that you can't find yourself a beach to call your own.

Urban Escapes: Lidos

Summer in the city has the potential to be a touch stifling when we’re fortunate enough to experience a prolonged spell of hot and sunny weather here in the UK, but the great British institution of the lido offers a welcome escape from the heat of the streets.

Exploring the Philippines

Consisting of over 7,500 islands that trickle down the western edge of the Pacific Rim, separating the South China Sea from the Philippine Sea and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines are an archipelago that still holds a great allure for those looking to escape and explore.


Few things capture the imagination like an island. Ever since man has been able to cross water we have had a fascination with islands; large, small, sandy with a lone palm tree standing in the centre, volcanic and covered in dense jungle or a coral atoll. We are captivated by them all.


A beautiful edit of black and white images taken from the recent SURFexplore trip to Madagascar. Here we focus on the journey rather than the destination. The search for new waves in this epic landscape and a unique setting to test our shorts.


After 3 months of living at sea in the Maldives, Matt Smith is now back busy on the farm in Ireland. Bit of a contrast, but that's what we love about Matt. We catch up briefly with the Honest Captain about his latest adventures. Warm water souls, cold Irish soils, both rich in treasure...


'Been a bonkers first month here in the Maldives, The Southern and Indian ocean are alive. Constant SE Swells and the occasional SW swell and light winds for this time of year. We have been surfing alone most days staying in the quiet regions. Me and Sophie have been playing a lot of chess..' READ THE FULL POST


Brilliant Corners is a surf / travel documentary showing a wonderful slice of Bajan culture. Presented by Sam Bleakley, it's a refreshing and articulate take on coastlines and communities, brought to life with Sam's passion and signature surf style. His shorts look pretty rad too.


Like something out of an adventure book, this is a place where our minds still rest. On a recent trip to the Philippines we found this Swiss Family Robinson style tree house. It had no walls, windows and entrance was via ladder. We called it ' the nest ', a place you never want to leave.

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