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Small Businesses we Believe in

With the Christmas shopping season upon us, we've put together a list of some of the small businesses we believe in. We hope this helps you with ideas for who to support this giving season and beyond.

No More Plastic - Our New Recycled Paper Envelopes

It's been on our minds for a long while - how to package and preserve our shorts in transit or in storage more sustainably. The answer? It's fairly simple.

You the Ocean and Me

Inspired by a piece of graffiti we once saw on a wall, ‘You, the Ocean and me’ has since become a charming phrase we often use. It is now embroidered into the fabric of every pair of Blue Capsule shorts. Click through to see how a few words have helped define a range

Fully Recycled and Recyclable Shorts: the Blue Capsule

In our quest to make the most beautiful and ocean friendly shorts in the world, we have created the 'Blue Capsule'. Read about how and why our love for Blue is refining the way we design.

Introducing The Blythe Swim Short

This season we have added a fifth short to our range. Allow us to introduce you to the Blythe – a confirmed classic if ever there was one, perfect for doing everything and nothing.

Behind the Print: Endangered Flower

Living by the maxim that “real men wear flowers” and with a desire to use our product to prompt an awareness of the pressure that humanity is placing on the natural world, read the story behind our Endangered Flower print.

Pitti Uomo 93: Four Days in Florence

We recently showed our latest collection at Pitti Uomo in Florence, the four day-long menswear trade fair at Fortezza da Basso which is one of the most important mens fashion showcases of the season.

The Process: Produced in Portugal

Having covered the processes behind how we design our shorts and illustrations, and how the fabric is printed, we now celebrate the small factory in Portugal where for the last seven years our shorts have been cut, sewn, and brought to life.

Behind the Print: Endangered Fish

To find out about the environmental facts and inspiration behind our popular 'Endangered Fish' print (which we re-released this year), we recently caught up with illustrator Kristine Khan.

Introducing The Buckler

Brand new for summer 2017, Riz's new Buckler short is a classic tailored "short" swim short, inspired by vintage swim shorts and perfect for lazy days lounging in the sun and swimming in the sea. Learn more about the design and the inspiration behind it.

Behind the Print: Endangered Bee

The plight of the bees, those most prolific of pollinators, is well known. Our Endangered Bee print is making a welcome return in our 2017 range with the aim of reminding people of the importance of bees.

The Process: Digital Printing - British, and the Best

Print is paramount here at Riz and so in this, the second in our series of articles that looks at the process behind making your swim shorts, we will be sharing the details of how our designs are printed onto recycled polyester right here in the UK.

Designing the Indefinable

Design should be rooted in solving a problem or improving an existing situation, otherwise it is gratuitous. The task of designing an “all-day” short that is both smart and relaxed, and that can be worn from sun-up to sun-down, was a real challenge and one that Riz has relished.

Perfect Trim: Corozo Buttons

The phrase “God is in the detail” reminds us that it is the little things that count, and that we should pay attention to every element of our work no matter how small or trivial it may seem. Our corozo buttons, made from the nut of the tagua palm, are one example of this attention to detail.

Behind the Print: Seaweed

Seaweeds are important plants that are found in oceans and seas around the world, but that particularly thrive around the coastline of the British Isles from where we draw so much of the inspiration for our designs. Our Summer 2016 collection includes a Seaweed print, featuring watercolour illustrations of several species of seaweed that you can find in our coastal waters this summer, and in this article you can learn more about the plants behind the print.

The Process: Designing Our Shorts

What goes in to producing the shorts that you pull on in the morning? How did they come to be, and why do they look, fit, and function in the way that they do? As with everything, it all starts with an idea and a blank sheet of paper. Find out about our design process in the first of our occasional series in which we’ll share with you every step that goes into creating a pair of our swim shorts.

Rizcycling: The Short Story of Riz's Old Favourites

All good things must come to an end, and if you wear an item of clothing on a daily basis then at some point, once they have been through enough with you to have well and truly developed a character and story all of their own, the time will come when they require either some serious repair, or retirement and replacement. When that day arrives, we'll happily Rizcycle your shorts, and offer a 25% discount on a new pair. Read the story of one of the earliest pairs of Riz shorts, which are still going strong today ...


British wildflowers and the classic English country garden were the inspiration behind one of our most popular prints, the Aloha style Endangered Garden print. Learn more about Britain's endangered flowers (including some of those featured on the print) and meadows, the reasons for their decline and the implications for us all...


This summer we collaborated with Albam to host the launch party for our Summer 15 collection and also stock the shorts throughout their lovely stores. Something nice about seeing when things work it's just easy...


Crafted with no side seams for further freedom and cut just about the knee, our classic Blighty board short is a true waterman's essential. Ambassador Matt Smith has been putting it through it's paces in the Maldives...

Yes... We're open!

We often get asked where can you buy our swim shorts? If you're in London and want to see what the fuss is all about, or just say hi, our doors are open!


Inspired by a piece of graffiti we once saw on a wall, this simple saying has always felt special. It now blesses this limited edition tee created especially to support our crowdfunding campaign.


As seasons turn we're excited to bring you this limited edition capsule collection inspired by our first ever print. The Morris-Sea Capsule pays homage to our iconic pattern that started us off designing beautiful boardshorts nearly five years ago. Riz talks us through his design thoughts just long enough to snap him in the styles.


Each summer Matt Smith swaps the green grass of West Clare Ireland for 3 months of Maldives Magic. Living aboard a boat and sailing among 26 atolls allows him to surf, write, read and chase perfect warm water waves. This summer he packed a strong quiver of our latest shorts to test in the blue, between the birds and the mermaids, within adventures, between dreams. We can't wait to see more of this ocean gold..


Located in a Basque mountain valley, Wave Garden's research and development site can generate perfect forming tubes. The longest artificial wave in existence, it can peel for 220 m without losing shape or speed. Not a bad setting for Anthony to test our Daisy print Burgh shorts. MORE..


Slip on some Sunshine from Riz Boardshorts on Vimeo.

Last summer while in Jamaica, Sam Bleakley put together a pilot film fusing his love of surfing and travel documenting. When we saw the water footage it was too good not to want to edit together a little piece from it. Sunshine, shorts and stoke. Here's the result. We hope you enjoy.


A look at the details and features of our latest and greatest short Burgh. We've combined technicality with a refined menswear eye to create a very modern take on classic piece of surfwear.


When in London at 6:30am, I'm asleep. Period. Breakfast after is usually cereal. Oatabix for now. Last september while in Sydney I managed to break the routine and experience a very different morning ritual. As dawn breaks over Bondi there's already a hive of athletic bustle. Runners, yoga classes, outdoor gym bunnies and of course the surfers, all making the most of pre work fun. Here I caught friend and local surfer / illustrator, Keiron 'Seamouse' Lewis, doing what he loves most!


We've been slowly building our mood Tumblr for a while now. A kind of 'visual scrapbook for sartorial, surf inspired gentleman.' Put the kettle on, and enjoy the desktop escape!


Just found these archive photo's of a special range designed by Riz for Speedo back in 2003 . Even at the time the range was labelled the 'Gentleman Surfer' - a direct take on mixing tailoring and surfwear together. These designs were the embryos and catalysts to all the designs RIZ craft today. It's great to see where ideas come from and the stories they leave behind.


It's amazing how much difference an inch can make. Too long can be uncomfortable and too short can be embarrassing. It's the age old debate about how long the ideal length of short is of course. This season we reckon we've cracked 2 pretty sweet lengths where less is more. The question is have you the legs for it?


We are proud to announce that RIZ has been accepted into the EFF 500 Fellowship. The Ethical Fashion Fellowship aims to unite 500 pioneering innovators in fashion and sustainability to take the movement to the next level. Fellows will help shape EFF’s strategy to transform social and environmental standards in the fashion industry.

Short Stories- SHE WHO DARES

From leaving her home soil in search of adventures the other side of the globe, to going against the rest and wearing men's boardshorts, Victoria Lanarch dares to be different. They say that curiosity called the cat, in this case she got the milk.. and we got a cool story which in turn may lead on to something even cooler coming soon..


When you slip into a pair of Riz you will be greeted by a lovely sight. Printed on the pocket bag of every pair is Rosie our protecter. We have have her stamped to remind you of the beauty, the strength and the fragility of the sea and that we need to protect it's environment and life line. You protect her, she'll protect you.


With new ranges come new refinements and this season we've tinkered and tweaked in a balance of tailored details, classic styling and fresh function. As always we love the balance between tailoring and sportswear, the technical and the relaxed. The overall appearance is simple, yet there's a lot going on under the flowery bonnet.


In partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, RIZ is helping 'save the sound of summer'. Not only do we love the bzzzz, the charm and the taste of honey but we are aware of how important these charming creatures are and how endangered they now are. We are donating 10% of the proceeds of every limited edition short sale to this lovely charity, something we are proud to be part of. For more BEE love > Read on..


Some lovely black & white shots from the SS12 Lookbook.


If you're like us, we love to live in shorts. We don't ALWAYS do it but we aspire to it. One day we will! We are looking for people who literally 'live' in shorts and who can put ours through their paces and test the product fully. Successful candidates need to align themselves with our vision and obsessive attention to detail and hopefully end up shaping our way of thinking through 'living the brand'. Could this be you ?


It's the end of our first full sales year and only the second year since we launched the shorts to the world ( or a few friends and press.) Therefore in fond reminiscence I thought it would be nice to share with you some of 2011's highlights, some unseen pics and give you a head's up of what to look forward to in 2012!


It brings great delight to write the word 'Ambassador' at the beginning of a sentence especially when you know that this is the beginning of a new chapter or era. We have been talking at Riz HQ for a while now about finding the right people to represent the brand, fly the flag and work alongside us. It was an absolute joy then when we recently got a call out of the blue from a chap mentioning to me that he wears Riz Boardshorts already all year around, loves the brand, is the current Uk long distance Stand Up Paddle champion, sounds like a really great guy and wants to work together! We introduce to you Mr. Ryan James.

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