Escape: A Stretch of Sand to Call Your Own

a secret beach beneath dramatic cliffs

The beach: that thin slither of sand between civilisation and the sea, where so many of us go to get away from it all.  It’s as far as we can go on dry land and has become a modern symbol of leisure time well spent.  But we aren’t the only people turned on to the relaxing and restorative effects of feeling sand between our toes; it seems that everybody else also wants to head to the beach when the sun comes out and all too often this sanctuary sees people packed in like sardines.  It needn’t be this way.  Even on a small island such as Britain, there are countless coves and long stretches of remote beach where you can escape from fellow man and find yourself all of the space that you need.  It simply requires a little more planning or effort - to time a trip around the tides, find a secluded spot on the map or organise a boat - in order to get to your own private paradise.  Don’t find yourself hemmed in by windbreaks and sun loungers when the sun’s out, take the initiative and leave that far behind.

man in riz swim shots pulling a boat up the beach

“He that would have the fruit, must climb the tree”

 And when you’re there?  If you’ve walked further along the beach or cliff path than everybody else, clambered around the rocks to a secluded nook, or pulled your boat up the sand, then you deserve to be the king of your sandy castle.  Even if it’s just until the tide comes in.  

hidden beach on the coast of cornwall

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