Introducing The Blythe Swim Short


This season we have added a fifth short to our range. Allow us to introduce you to the Blythe – a confirmed classic if ever there was one.


The traditional elasticated waist swim short is arguably the most popular and enduring style in men’s swimwear.  We’ve taken our time arriving at this moment because we’ve been focused on building a reputation for tailored shorts with acute attention to detail, and we wanted to be sure that when we launched a relaxed elasticated swim short it was refined and recognizably Riz.  Over the last few years we’ve repeatedly been asked to release our take on this classic, and now we feel that with demand there and a solid family of shorts the time is right.  We specialise in men’s swimwear, so it’s only natural that we would dive deeper into every option.



The Blythe is 16 inches long (at size 32" waist), which is the same as our popular Burgh boardshort. It’s a length that suits almost all body types, making the Blythe a true everyman short.  You could go for a run wearing the Blythe, or take a yoga class, but equally they’re perfect for pulling on and lounging about doing nothing in particular.  Unlike most of our other shorts, the Blythe also features a mesh brief liner (true to classic swim short fashion), and an internal coin pocket. 


“The elasticated waist is great for gents who like flexibility, and works on larger waist sizes. I didn't want the shorts to be like balloons when jumping in the sea, or overly baggy around the gathered waist.  A lot of consideration has gone into this cut to refine what is a classic design and to make them recognizably Riz“



The search for a name beginning with the letter ‘B’ (every design in our range shares this initial) led us to Blythe, which is derived from a Middle (and in turn Old) English word meaning “joyous, kind, cheerful and pleasant”.  It struck us as the perfect name for a happy and carefree style.  This is our true holiday water short for lazy days, switching off, and probably doing a whole lot of nothing.


By creating different cuts for different activities and different times of the day, we hope to make choosing a life in shorts that little bit simpler. 


Your summer awaits.






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