Pitti Uomo 93: Four Days in Florence


In the second week of January we showed our latest collection of sustainable men's swimshorts at Pitti Uomo in Florence, the four day-long menswear trade fair at Fortezza da Basso which is one of the most important mens fashion showcases of the season.

Pitti is an industry only event and is not open to the general public (this edition saw 36,000 international visitors over the four days of the fair, almost 25,000 of whom were commercial buyers) and is probably most famous for the impeccably presented poseurs who congregate outside the venue each year in the hope of having their photograph taken and who are known as the  ‘Pitti Peacocks’.


riz boardshorts spring 2018 collection of sustainable mens swimwear on display at pitti uomo 93


This was our fourth visit to Pitti as exhibitors and it was a great way to start the year.  Even though the January show presents Fall/Winter collections (there is second, Spring/Summer fair each June), we enjoy punctuating the cold of the European winter with our sunshine styles and serving as a reminder to Pitti’s attendees that it's always summer somewhere. 


riz boardshorts display stand showing spring 2018 collection of sustainable mens swimwear at pitti uomo 93


As in past visits our stand was in the main “traditional” room, sat alongside classic Italian gents labels and nestled amongst a new generation of makers.  Our immediate neighbours were all, like us, purveyors of single product goods: fine British hats, industrial strength cufflinks, Japanese artisan waistcoats, beautiful espadrilles, silk handkerchiefs and so on. Here in this melting pot of Italian sartorial tradition and high quality emerging artisans exists this exciting bubble; one that the fashion world comes across and connects with, pollinates, and then buzzes off past again like bees.


negroni aperitif cocktail 


Pitti wouldn't be Pitti were it not for Florence and its romantic beauty. One of the real pleasures of attending Pitti is getting to visit the city that hosts the event.  We love getting lost in the labyrinth of lanes, discovering new coffee stops on the way into the Fortezza da Basso each morning, the beautifully bitter negronis served in bars each evening and the flaming skies as the sun sets below the renaissance rooftops along the river. 


florence riverside at sunset


Florence, we look forward to seeing you again in June!

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