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Riz: You’ve just returned from 4 months away living on a boat in the Indian Ocean, how are you settling back into life on the farm in Co Claire?
HC: Its great, I have gone full on back into growing. I was away for three of the busiest months so it's my turn to dig like a mad man, hopefully give the guys that have been going wild a bit of time to take a break. 

Riz: How did this trip compare to last years? And what was the greatest thing you brought back with you?
HC: This year I brought back with me a cracking knife I bought from a fish monger in the capital but also an appreciation for what we are doing to make some changes in the world. The world out there is incredible and I am so grateful for having the opportunity to do it, but I am very happy in Ireland. 

Riz: How does your connection with the ocean differ between Ireland and the Maldives?

HC: I live on the ocean in the Maldives so I notice every tiny change during the day but also relax knowing it's always going to be fun and soft waves. In Ireland, I glance at the forcast everyday and then when I see something pulse I start to prepare for heavy conditions. 

Riz: Living in board shorts, perfect warm-water-waves outside your cabin, sounds pretty perfect? Are there any downsides to boat life? ... Do you have a song of the trip?

 HC: Sure but life is always like this, the idea is to live in the moment and enjoy the moments... songs not really, I have made my self very busy in the past 18 months so have filled a huge space where music used to be. 

Riz: How apparent was the plastic issue in the waters where you were? We know unfortunately there is a dark side to the paradise out there?

 HC: 'It's difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it' - Naomi Klien - this changes everything. 
Riz: Do you have a view on how brands can use their reach to effect systematic change ? It’s a big question but surely there is something we can do together…

 HC: Of course but they have to do it and live by it and realise that really success is not one buying their product, but staying local and thinking of the planet first. 

Riz: What’s next for you now you’re back? And what’s happening with Molly Hill Community Gardens? Such an amazing idea.

HC: I'm digging and planting and staying focused. We have just brought 17 acres that will never be taken away so really start looking after the soil and planting trees

Riz: Are we going to be seeing you in London anytime soon?

HC: Yes I am launching a magazine 'Backwash' in September at the Finisterre store at the 7 Dials.
Riz: Amazing thanks Matt! See you there

Matt wears the mid length Burgh boardshorts >

Photography: Sophie Hellyer & Liquid Destination




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