Project  #bottlestoboardshorts - Crowdfunding update

A big thank you again from all of us for your support of the Riz Boardshorts crowdfunder!  We were overwhelmed with the support and delighted to reach our target raising a total of £16,621. For those who purchased a reward, we’ve been busy sending out Tees and Totes and shipping people off to the coast in Devon and the new ranges of ladies and men’s shorts will be going out in the next couple of months. 

We set ourselves two goals for the crowdfunding project – to produce a 100% recycled boardshort for this season and to work towards producing a boardshort made from ocean plastics for 2016.  Our 2015 shorts will for the first time use recycled zips, recycled threads as well as fabric, getting us 98% there on our challenge with only labels and cords alluding us. We’ve also made a conscious decision for this season to use up the quality trims from previous seasons that have been sitting in our factory and that might otherwise go to waste. 



We’ve also made progress toward our goal of producing a short made from ocean plastics by joining the Marine Conservation Society’s Marine Litter Action Network At the end of February, we held a meeting with 25 representatives of companies, academics, recycling firms and charities keen to be part of transforming ocean plastics into textiles. The meeting highlighted how much plastic there is on our beaches at present but also the work that will be required to find plastics of a suitable grade to make into textiles. We identified a clear market for ocean plastic textiles which is fantastic and a number of partners who are keen to be involved in the project. The next few months will be about transforming enthusiasm and interest into concrete steps – we’ll let you know how we get on! Please get in touch with Lou, our sustainability director, via  or Tweet using the #bottlestoboardshorts, if you’ve got any brilliant ideas or useful connections to help us towards our goals?



And lastly for now, we'll be organisng our own beach clean ups this summer alongside the Marine Conservation Society and friends so stay tuned for updates!





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