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Victoria Larnach lives at present in Byron Bay, Australia. Born and bred on the California coast, she has had her fair share of surf adventures and healthy dose of love for the sea. She recently moved to Australia from San Diego in search of a truly laid-back lifestyle and some serious waves. What she found was a dream come true: a small town setting with an earthy, artsy vibe, great swell, and a job in fashion (she had previously been involved as an assistant developing boardshorts for the surf industry). So, when she stumbled upon us, it seemed all too perfect. 

On chatting to her we were really excited that Victoria didn't mind wearing men's shorts - she wanted to try something new and make it work for her and the environment she lives in.

 "I remember when I first came across the Riz label, and seeing these beautifully crafted boardshorts with a conscious effort in sustainability and recycling, I was sold. I had to have them, regardless if they were men's." Says Victoria. 

We really like the idea of girls in guys clothing and the contradictions in style however when it comes to performance and fit, we were nervous whether they'd work.

"When I wore them surfing the first time, I didn't even bother wearing togs! " Explains Vic "They were actually that comfortable I just wore them as is. And then I thought to myself 'Oh yeah, these would look great out of the water too' and so I just rocked them around town, with a good top and boots, a get the point."

All of this was music to my ears, with the fit working, the funky look, the ethos and the point of difference. Which lead us to ask why she wasn't wearing a regular women's boardshort? 

"I appreciate modern surf culture and fashion, but when it comes down to it, I really want something that functions and has quality, looks great and is versatile. Men's boardshorts have achieved this, so now what about women's? We are at a time now where women's surfing is at the forefront and I also think it's time to step it up in the function vs. fashion debate - who is going to make a quality and desirable women's boardshort?" 

Hmmm good question Victoria, 'who is going to make a decent  and desirable women's boardshort in the not too distant future?!'....

We'll have a have think :)

( Victoria wears the Buckler Crazy Pailsey Short from our SS11 range)



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