Small gifts that give back

Like smiling at strangers, it’s the little things that count. Simple acts of kindness like small steps can have great impact when combined. With this in mind we’ve selected a few important products (that aren’t our own shorts) that we think make great ocean-friendly Christmas gifts and will help the recipient use fewer single-use plastics in their day-to-day, without feeling as though they’re being preached at. 




Reusable Metal Water Bottle


The top of our single-use plastics “worst offenders” list is bottled water.  Save a friend or loved one from wasting their money on this ridiculous phenomenon by gifting them a stylish steel canteen that they can fill up over and over again for less than a penny. (By contrast, bottled water costs on average 500 times more than tap water - the equivalent of paying £1,500 for a pint of beer or glass of wine).


Our style tip is simple, carry for your surroundings. 






Is there a person in your life who can’t possibly operate before midday unless they’ve consumed a cup of take-away caffeine?  Give them a KeepCup, so that in pursuit of their daily fix they’re not contributing to the 25,000 tonnes of coffee cups that are thrown away in the UK each year, only 1% of which are thought to be recycled.  And let’s not get started on those plastic lids…  Coffee shops will gladly fill a KeepCup, and putting a cup in the dishwasher each day is better than putting one in the bin on a daily basis. 

Our style tip is the glass and bamboo version.




Canvas Tote Bag


Since the introduction of the 5p plastic bag tax, the increase in the use of “bag for life” has skyrocketed. But, would you or anyone you know ever carry anything other than your groceries in one of your supermarket-of-choice’s reusable carrier bags? Enter the canvas tote bag, as suitable for carrying food home from the shops as it is for bringing a towel and book to the beach, but with a bit more style.


Our style tip is keep it large, keep it colourful.





Bamboo Tooth Brush


We all brush our teeth twice a day, every day, and most people’s tooth-brushing tool of choice is a piece of plastic that they will replace four times each year.  More than 260 million (plastic) toothbrushes are thrown away in the UK each year, and will persist in the environment. Not so a bamboo toothbrush, which can be composted once you’re done with it!  Humble Brush make toothbrushes using FSC certified bamboo, donate a free toothbrush (or the cost equivalent in oral care) to children in vulnerable countries, and are available in Waitrose.

Our style tip is smile at strangers more, it looks good on you.



Have a great festive period



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