Rizcycling: The Short Story of Riz's Old Favourites

All good things must come to an end, and if you wear an item of clothing on a daily basis then at some point, once they have been through enough with you to have well and truly developed a character and story all of their own, the time will come when they require either some serious repair, or retirement and replacement. 


We’ve been designing and making eco-friendly swim shorts and boardshorts for five years now, which means that there are a few of our early pairs out there that have seen a good bit of life. Our shorts are built to last, however the inescapable reality is that, if worn on a regular basis and frequently exposed to sun and saltwater, they will collect a few battle scars. We want to share the stories of some of these shorts with you as and when they find their way back to us for repair or replacement as part of our Rizcycling scheme, and we’re going to start with an obituary to one of the first pairs of shorts off the production line, which belong to Riz himself:

Original Bounty Shorts, in vintage blue. Philippines, 2012.

“This is one of the only pictures that I have of my favourite shorts. It was taken during a stay in this amazing treehouse-style hotel in the Philippines back in 2012 – it was probably the coolest place that I have ever stayed in. We called it the ‘Nest’, and lounged, explored, and blissed out like children in an adventure book.

Even though I had packed a full bag of shorts to test and try out, my trusty vintage coloured Bounty’s got the most love. Maybe it’s because of the mermaids, or maybe it's because they were part of a greater adventure; a business trip that took me around the world for 7 weeks, visiting five countries in fifty days and all of it in the shorts! It was a great test to living the brand. Wearing boardshorts in the city to meetings was a first; they were worn smart with shirts in NY, relaxed with a tee in LA, confused in Tokyo, and bare chest in Boracay. They knocked on doors with me in Sydney and got roasted with me in Dubai. They’ve swum in every ocean and now, soft like butter, and slightly faded from sun drenched travels, they just keep getting better. Better because of the memories they hold and the wear that they show.

For me, that’s where the beauty in owning things lays: Own few. Own well. Own long.”  Riz


We’re pleased to say that the shorts from the story above are still going strong, however once they do come to the end of their life we don't want them littering landfills or oceans! So in an effort to do our part we set up the 'Rizcycling' programme. This means working with our customers, you, to create a perpetual closed loop.

Every pair of our shorts is crafted from recycled and recyclable fabrics ( plastic bottles ). Our pioneering scheme enables you to return your old swim shorts for recycling in exchange for a 25% discount on your next pair; fostering a more sustainable process.

We love seeing photos of Riz boardshorts out there on the sand and in the sea, so please share your short stories with us by e-mail or by tagging #rizboardshorts on instagram or facebook.  









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