Becoming Circular

Becoming Circular


In keeping with our less but better philosophy, we have joined the Circular Textiles Foundation. The foundation's expertise in circular design and recycling will ensure that our treasured boardshorts, once they get to the end of their life, will be recycled back into new yarn for new fabrics. 


(A pair of ripped, threadbare boardshorts, at the end of their life)


What is circularity to us? Well simply put, it's shorts into new shorts. The more we use fibre-to-fibre recycling technologies, the more we can make new clothes out of old clothes. This subtle shift means we can mimic nature's cycles to make textiles a more renewable resource.

Why circular? Circular-certified clothing gives us the assurance we need. It means our beloved shorts won't be binned, burned, or downcycled, but saved and born again. With this peace of mind, we can relax and focus on spreading the sunshine. 

‘We are here to improve the way things are done in a simple and honest way.’


If you have any questions or you'd like to learn more about circular and zero-waste clothing, drop us a line at