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Explore our range of elegantly tailored and ethically sourced beach shorts. Featuring Riz's signature prints and made from quick drying recycled materials.

Made from<br>Recycled Materials

Made from
Recycled Materials

To help have a lower imact on the planet, our shorts are made entirely from recycled materials; all but the metal and nut trims.

Free Repairs.<br>For Life

Free Repairs.
For Life

Our shorts are guaranteed for life. As long as you’re wearing them, we’ll mend them. For Free.



If your journey with our shorts comes to an end, you can return them to be resold or recycled for 25% off your next pair.


Which style of shorts are more flattering?

All our shorts can be flattering but it depends on your function. If you are going from beach to street, our tailored shorts would suit best. If you are more surf-centred then our classic boardshorts work best. Then for easy comfort and swimming go for Blythe without a doubt.

What is the best short length swim shorts?

Longer length shorts work well on the taller frame or if you're into watersports for protection. Regular or mid shorts in our opinion are the most flattering length. Then if you have got the legs for it, shorter shorts are great for maximising the freedom.

Are recycled plastic shorts sustainable?

Totally. Anything that reuses plastic and stops it going to waste has got to be good. We do recommend using our Microfibre Laundry Bag to minimise the impact of any microfibers entering the water system when you wash your shorts - it helps them last longer too.