The Blue Capsule collection was designed to inspire a closer connection to the ocean

In our quest to make the most beautiful and ocean friendly shorts in the world, we have created the 'Blue Capsule'. A pinnacle collection aimed at pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion and circular design, as well as inspiring change in the way we consume through a deeper connection with the sea.

For the first time in our production process, every stitch, zip, piece of fabric and mesh is made from recycled plastic. This not only diverts plastic waste from entering the environment but importantly turns something ugly into something useful. It also completes our story now that every compontent of the shorts are fully recycled and recyclable (Note our cords are not yet! However they arguably are not part of the shorts. We are working on finding the most sustainable option still).

The Riz Rarity Ghost Blue print design

The collection comprises of six all-blue shorts, featuring three ocean themed prints and a tonal 'You, the Ocean and Me' embroidery hidden within each short. The inspiration came from the idea of being drenched in blue, both physically and metaphorically. And having spent spent more and more time recently in indigo clothes (where there is wonderful richness and calm that comes with wearing this natural dye,) our love for Blue has deepend even further. These shorts are an ode to our favourite hues and the natural world they represent.

As per all our products, at the end of their life they can returned to us and Rizcycled. Excitingly with the Blue Capsule every component can be recycled, not just the fabric. It's with these small changes we believe we can make a bigger difference over time. The recycled trims we have added to this range are not cheap, hence why we have held off until now, but we're keen to test and push the industry on how we make clothes, to question what is 'Good Design', and to ask ourselves 'What's next'?

How can we become more Blue?

The Riz Seaweed Denim print design

The Riz Waves Aqua print design

The Blue Capsule shorts are launching early December. For more info, email us at

As always, £1 from the sale of every pair of shorts sold goes directly to the Marine Conservation Society.