Is the end just the beginning?

Is the end just the beginning?

So it comes. After twelve or so years of making the most beautiful, environmentally conscious beach shorts we possibly could, we have decided to stop. This has been a super hard decision to make, but the simple reality is that running a small, honest clothing business in the modern world is extremely tough. 

We started our company in 2009 with a pure purpose - to blend fashion and environmentalism together. To do a little good, in a stylish way. To create clothing that is special, long-lasting and that sparks a connection with nature. To create with care and conversation and to create with love.

We have seen the clothing industry grow, morph, twist, and in many ways 'loose its way' since we started. A constant clawing for new collections and 'more' has meant everything starts looking the same; driven by marketing, green-washing - and now algorythms. What we signed up for has both changed and got a lot harder. 

As of now, we won't be producing any more shorts or developing any more collections. 

We would like to thank everybody that has supported us, especially to all our wonderful customers who believed in our vision! The future is definitely bright, and the end is not the end. But for now, we just wanted to update you with where we are today.

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