This time last year we wrote a piece about the micro fibre pollution issue (see here). It is a topic we continue to follow closely and one that has been getting more and more press. We are aware that we are part of the problem, but are passionate about doing everything we can to ensure our swim shorts are the most ocean friendly option on the market. As more information and findings emerge, we hope to offer you more tips.

Join us as we patiently work towards a plastic free nature.

For plastic free nature the guppy friend is a microfibre filter solution


Last week while showcasing at the Ethical Fashion Trade Show in Berlin, we finally got to catch up with the good people at Langbrett who invented the ‘Guppyfriend’, the first washing bag to prevent micro fibres from entering into our rivers and oceans. It was great to finally see the bags in reality and learn more about how they work and wear.

The idea is they protect and thus extend the life of your textiles. Fewer fibres break and the bag itself doesn’t loose any fibres. The fibres that do break during washing are captured inside the bag and can easily be removed.

“The Guppyfriend washing bag is a daily reminder to adapt your washing rituals and to reflect your purchasing patterns.”

Top tips for washing your clothes to produce less microfibre pollution


Along with the bags the guys have released a washing guide to help you change your washing habits and reduce micro plastic. The following ten steps, in their words, will ‘turn your washing machine from an eco crime scene into a truly green washer.’

1. SKIP PLASTICS. Buy less, buy better.

2. STAY COOL. Wash colder.

3. GOSH, DON’T WASH. Wash less.

4. NO SPIN. Reduce rotation speed.

5. NO SHOES. Do not wash solid items with your laundry.

6. SOFT TO SOFT. Separate textiles with hard and soft surfaces.

7. BOYS DON’T DRY. Don’t tumble dry your clothes.

8. BE QUICK. Wash shorter.

9. GREENER CLEANER. Use less and environmentally friendly detergent.

10. FILTER. Use a filter and a Guppyfriend washing bag.

Have you tried any of these yet?

You can purchase a Guppyfriend Washing Bag on our Shop >