Rizcycle Sea

Rizcycling Programme

When was the last time you returned a piece of clothing to the company you bought it from at the end of its life?

Over consumption and under wearing of existing clothes is having a huge impact on our planet.

We aim to champion the change by making shorts from recycled materials that will last a really long time, and then reducing waste through repair, rewear and, finally, recycling.

The Rizcycling Programe is our hub for keeping the vibe alive, for inspiring a life of less but better, and where together we work towards a more circular future.

Plastic Positive

The aim is extend the life of a piece of clothing for as long as possible and reduce consumption. ‘Loved clothes last.’

Free Repairs. For life

We believe the most sustainable piece of clothing in your wardrobe is the one you already own.

To ensure your shorts enjoy a life time of summers we, offer a free repairs service. As long as you are wearing our shorts, we’ll mend them! For free.
Shorts for life.

If you have pair that need repairing, please drop us a line, plus fill out the returns form.

Return to Resell

If your journey with our shorts comes to an end, or they don’t fit any more, please send them back to us.

Depending on their condition, they will be resold (or mended and resold).

The Rizcycle Shop gives worn, pre-loved shorts a platform where they can have a purpose and shine again.

We will give you 25% off your next pair.

Recycle Your Old Worn Out Riz Shorts

To know that your shorts have been worn and loved so much that they can no longer be repaired or used any more should be celebrated. Oh, the places they have been!

If the time comes, please send us your old worn out Riz shorts to be sustainably recycled.

In return we will give you 25% off a new pair.

Orange Sea

Recycle any worn out shorts with us!

Help reduce the growing moutain of clothing going into landfill or to waste each year by sending us your old swim shorts or boardshorts from ANY brand.

You could call this a ‘Shorts Amnesty’. With the systems we already have in place, recycling our own shorts, we want to extend this offer to cater in sustainably recycling any of your old regular synthetic shorts.

Join us work towards a plastic free nature.

Here's how it works

  1. Send us your old random swim shorts with a maximum weight of 1Kg or 5 pairs.
  2. Fill out the Returns Form by clicking the link below.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with simple instructions.
  4. Using the pre-paid resusable package we’ll send you, send us your old shorts and you’ll receive a £15 voucher to spend on a new pair of Riz shorts.
  5. Please ensure all items have been washed before sending them to us.