Sustainable eco design from plastic bottles of women's board shorts and men's swim shorts.

You, the ocean and me

You, the ocean and me

The oceans are the lifeblood or our planet, and they are also the source of our inspiraiton and our playground. We only know too well how fragile they are and how badly they need protecting which is why for several years now we have been supporting the work of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). Along with partnering with them at beach clean events we are so proud to directly donate £1 from every pair of our shorts sold to help fund their important ongoing efforts to protect our marine environment.

For every pair of shorts sold
we donate £1 directly
to Marine Conservation


Every pair of our shorts is tailored from 100% recycled and recyclable fabric (plastic bottles). By offering a 25% discount on a new pair of shorts, we encourage you to donate your old unwanted shorts for us to repair, recycle or rehome.

The Rizcycle process

For us sustainability seems too general a term. We want to focus
the entire product life into a 360 degree process

Please Rizcycle Me

Ocean Plastics

We grew up around the ocean, it is our inspiration and our muse. The simple fact that we make a product that needs to be quick drying means that we have to use plastics but we don’t want to make products that pollute the sea.

We are working with The Marine Conservation Society and other partners to hold beach clean-ups where we hope to gather up- to 50,000 plastic bottles. Watch out for more in the space.

Our ultimate aspiration is to turn ocean and beach plastics,
the water bottles that end up floating in the sea
or littering beaches, into swim shorts

We are working with fabric manufacturers and other brands to figure out how this process can work so that soon, our first short can be made from ocean plastics.

Your role in being more sustainable

We would love your help in doing more and caring more for our oceans and the planet. Our starting point is our Rizcycling scheme but if you have any ideas or contacts to help us be more sustainable please drop us a line at

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