Introducing The Buckler


The Buckler is a brand new style for summer 2017; we don’t often release new cuts and we’ve been working on the Buckler for a while, so are excited and proud that its now out there in the sunshine. 

flat product image of riz short tailored men's swim shorts the buckler in aqua wave print

The Buckler rounds out our offering; a complimentary brother to the Braunton so that we now have a range that features two different cuts of tailored shorts (the “short” Buckler and the all-day Braunton), and two different cuts of boardshorts (the Burgh midlength and the longer Blighty). The Buckler is classic cool; inspired by Riz’s recent visits to Italy they are elegant and perfect for lounging on the rocks before plunging into the Mediterranean to cool off. As our shortest short to date (they have a 14” outseam), they are easier to swim in, and also easier to tan in. Wear them on their own in and out of the sea, or slip on a pair of classic espadrilles and a plain short-sleeve shirt to take your table for lunch.


swimwear designer riz smith product testing classic swim shorts on the coast of italy, sunbathing on rocks

“We launched the brand with a short swim short, and we’ve been meaning to return to that style for a while now so I’m excited about the release of the Buckler design.”


Cut exactly like the top of a pair of chinos, down to the button-up rear pocket, slanted side pockets and zip-fly, the only noticeable difference is the material choice (our quick-drying 100% recycled and recyclable polyester made from plastic bottles), the mesh at the bottom of the pocket bag (for drainage) and the discreet internal draw cord so that you can feel secure when diving in. 


close up detail of the pocket of the riz buckler short tailored swim short in waves print, with picture of sea alongside


“On Italian beaches there is definitely an attitude of “why wouldn’t you show off your body?” and for Italian men who are used to wearing Speedo’s on the beach, this cut isn’t short at all.  In taking inspiration from that classic Italian style, we’ve softened it slightly for British sensibilities and found a nice balance between a cut that is short enough to swim and tan in, and just long enough to feel comfortable walking up to a bar to order a drink in.”


The Buckler’s name is inspired by the small shield of the same name that was common in Europe as a companion weapon during the Medieval and Renaissance periods; we thought that the buckler’s smaller size and European heritage made it the perfect namesake for our new style.


the coastline of liguria in italy - the inspiration for the new riz buckler tailored men's swim shorts 

In our constant pursuit to refine sartorial sustainability and men’s swimwear, we are excited where Buckler will take us and how this evolution in shorts develops further.





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