Soulful Reads for Summer Escapes

Just as we seek out soulful escapes and meaningful adventures on not yet known or classic beaches, so we love to seek out the same with a book. Maybe that's why reading while away, while free, allows you to align the two journeys together deeper- It's true that when we escape we connect, and what a wonderful way when reading beside the sea. This late summer we've put together a list of books recommended to us by some of our friends; a mix of future classics, inspiration and notes on nature and the future. Whether you're home or away we hope you enjoy.


Recommended by friend Ian Sherwood, yacht broker

A Voyage For Madmen - Peter Nichols

The true story of the Golden Globe Sailing race; to sail around the world alone and non-stop. No one had ever done it, no one knew if it could be done. In 1968, nine men - six Englishmen, two Frenchmen and an Italian - set out to try. A race born of coincidence of their timing. Only one of the nine crossed the finishing line after ten months at sea. The rest encountered despair, sublimity, madness and even death. So good a book, our friend read it twice, and critics say it should be devoured breathleslly in one sitting. 


Recommended by friend Priya Parma, novelist

The History Of Bees - Maja Lunde

This literary debut follows three generations of beekeepers, weaving a spellbinding story of their relationship to the bees, their children and each other. If you like the idea of mixing sciene and science fiction, and how the long past, the tenuous present and the biologically dammned future is strung on the fragile hope of bees - this book is for you.


Recommended by ambassador Felippe Dal Piero, surfer

Let My People Go Surfing - Yvon Chouinard

Written in 2006, the now well known memoir of the legendary climber, businessman, environmentalist, and founder of Patagonia Inc. Here he shares the persistence and courage that have gone into being head of one of the most respected and environmentally responsible companies on earth. As a small business that shares many of the same values and the quest to combine passion with profession, we think this book will deeply affect the entrepreneur in you and the outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Recommended by friend Beatrix Ong, designer

The Extreme Life Of The Sea - Stepen Palumbi & Anthony R. Palumbi

An exploration of the vast mysterious universe that is our ocean, and why we should care. The book travels to the furthest points of the conceptual compass--the biggest, smallest, oldest, fastest, and hottest. By crisscrossing these polarities, it shows us how far life has come and see the extremes to which life has gone. For ocean lovers - an absolute fave.


Recommended by friend and collaborater Mat Arney, photographer

Surf Shacks - Indoek

Although more of a coffee table book than beach read, this may inspire you to up-sticks and live by the water. Peek inside the homes of longtime enthusiasts and dedicated newcomers that reflect not just a sport or passion, but also a way of life. From Malibu to the Rockaways, from Japan to Australia--this book captures the soulful milieu of a lifestyle we all aspire to.


Recommended by Riz

The Invention of Nature - Andrea Wulf

The story of Alexander von Humbolt, the lost hero of science and how his influence inspired not only Darwin but how we see nature today. A true Indiana Jones, obsessive scientist, teacher, early enviromentalist and visionary. The first half of the book tracks his remarkable life and the second half shows all the exmples of the great men that couldn't have done what they did if he hadn't existed. A book for nature lovers and those fascinated by great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci - this is for you.


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